Improvement through innovation

Your Goal is to find out how to develop your company positively.
A+ develops your route to success.


Starting points

A+ is an agency for corporate positioning and customised routing to your goals.

It is our belief at A+ that a company can only continue competing in a market if it is constantly evolving. This evolution encompasses all aspects of a company: its public presence; how it views itself and how others view it; the team; the work put into communications and marketing up to and including all daily processes, and, of course, the underlying goals of the company.

The A+ Model

The A+ Model exemplifies the process of evolution that a company in a market should strive towards. According to this model, the company’s stages of development and its goals are split up into four stages. Each stage is distinctive through its own specific goals but still retains its own dimension.

The four stages of entrepreneurial perception

1. Departure willingness

2. Orientation ability

3. Improvement competence

4. Exemplary status



The process

The A+ model lists the various tools and measures that are necessary for the attainment of goals at the different stages (Marketing management).
It is these goals that A+ uses to plan the route along a communicative value chain. The determining factor is not which stage a company is at, but where it wants to get to.

Service point

A+ offers orientation and help to companies and individuals seeking to express their goals and provides the requisite direction and tools.

Solid collaboration with partners from all branches of the communications industry offers A+ direct and up-to-date access to any developments in the markets and provides the necessary foundation for sustainable work for successful corporate development.



About A+ Founder

Axel Schüler-Bredt has been active in the media- and communications industry for over 20 years and has received countless national and international awards in the field of public relations and communication (amongst others: Deutscher PR-Preis, Cannes Lions, ADC, New York Festivals etc.). He has worked for clients such as ASICS, ASTRA2connect, BDO, Federal Ministery of the Environment, IKEA, RENAULT, ST. PAULI etc. and put his extensive experience in marketing and communication at the disposal of academies, institutes, companies and national as well as international programs for economic development.

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Axel Schüler-Bredt